Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of the Day!! Ready for our own beds in CA!!!

Monley coming in for re-check

Haiti's mobile pharmacy

Day 14 post quake triaging patients starting to see people complaining of anxiety emotional distress mental health is really going to be needed.So depressing:(

Mosquitos are horrible!!!


Systems are being put in place at University Hospital in Port Au Prince... working well considering the conditions. More teams going out and establishing mobile clinics. A long way to go but heading in the right direction. Volunteers continue to come in still a great demand for nurses:) Anyone interested can contact International Medical Corps.


ready to get home and go back to "normal"


Coming home Saturday. Will spend the day with Monley before leaving:)

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  1. Hi,

    Hope you keep in touch with Monley whose story has touched everyone around the world. My heart grieve for the ones who didn't make it and is filled with hope for the future of those who did. But, Monley will hold a special place in my thoughts. If you do keep in touch, please keep up updated on his progress.